Lisa Hanawalt & Bojack Horseman

Bojack Horseman Cover for FLOOD Magazine

I have been a huge fan of BoJack Horseman the instance Netflix launched it on August 2014 but it has been until now that I have started to question what drew me into this show. What made me binge watch the entire series in one day and no it was not a day that I was curled up in bed because of the night out before. It is because of the fantastic illustrations that were created by the illustrator Lisa Hanawalt. Her style looks very loose and playful at first glance, but when you take a second look into the caricatures of the animals you can see at the amount of detail that is considered when creating the personality of the illustrations. 

Lisa Hanawalt getting her job “being a bad ass”

These are fantastical brought to life with the writing combination of Raphael Bob-Waksberg who have worked together since they have been in high school making cartoon strips together. This partnership has created a comedy gold. That is created when two creative people can collaborate for such a long time. Lisa work has away made me think of the line art looks simple but is complicated.