What I am Reading

I have been reading trying to catch up on the classic comics that have been on my bookshelf  just gathering dust. 

So the first book I started off with is "Batman The Killing Joke" written by Alan Moore, Art & Colour by Brian Bolland and Lettering by Richard Starkings. Batman The Killing Joke is one of those books that not only entertains you but give you an amazing insight into to the emotions and rational of the Batmans greatest and well-crafted foes.



The next novel that I am reading is Watchmen also written by Alan Moore with the Illustrations & Lettering by Dave Gibbons. This book is inspired by realestic historical events that are pushed extrames with the introduction of the watchmen and superheros. This single cohisive story that is ingrosive with its psychological profiles of the not only of people of the time but also the complex superheros.  With an imersive illustrated style that reminds me of cartoons that I would read in when I child bring some great nostalgia to the book which was then comperminsed with the darker and more political nature of the story.