What I Am Reading


Looking at not just how the charters are brought into the 3D environment, also why it is brought in and the view it is seen in the environment. The only aspect that I believe that Ji Lee left out was that he could have experienced is with the textures that are used on the shape as it can dramatically affect the form of the shape but the spatial and explorations really show the possibility that could come about if it was to be combined with VR typographic design.

Ji Lee born in Korea, raised in Brazil, and now live's and work in New York. "I believe ideas are nothing, doing is everything". Lee  book "Univers Revolved"is one of those books that I pick up when I am in need of some inspiration and direction in my work. A visual exploration where I believe it is underrated,  Ji Lee looks at taking the univers typeface and revolves around a singular point. in the book he goes through how he created the shapes and various compositions of sentences and images using the "Univers Revolved".