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ISTD 2015



My chosen brief was the second brief ‘Milestones’ looking at the momentous decisions that a mother has to go through when giving up her child for international adoption. This is put into context by investigating the mass evacuation of over 2,000 baby’s during the fall the city formerly known asSai Gon in Vietnam. The operation was called ‘ Operation Babylift’. The evacuation/adoption of over 2,000 children happened in 1975 over a week and changed the perception of international adoption and how the children where brought through the system.  I chose a series of books as they are for a wide audiences from children who went through ‘Operation Babylift’ to parents who potentially want to adopt in the future. I wanted to allow book series to grow like a child, each book a different milestone that the protagonist has to face

adoption agencies were trying to put the children into adoptive families as quickly as possible. So they were not encouraging - or I would say they were very discouraging to these families.