MOANments Exhibition


MOANments banner

In every corner of Ireland, moaning is a recognized art-form. Consequently the Irish are well known for taking pride and enjoyment in grumbling (liveline anyone?) but for these creative shady whingebags this did not suffice. They wanted to take moaning to a whole new level, from an art in itself to art itself and so, “MOANments of Happiness” was born. Using typography, illustration, collage and photography and taking inspiration from heroes such as Joe Duffy, Victor Meldrew, Vincent Brown and the entire cast and crew of Fair City – these emerging designers took on the task of visualizing whinge . . . . and won! (they still gave out about it though). So if your life is one long period or you suffer from an eternal hangover, are on a permanent diet, get bugged by beach scumbaggery or simply loathe Bono for no real reason other than you just do, come join the original moan mafia


I took part in this exhibition by looking at the churches view on homosexuality in Ireland. Seeing the contradictions in the church loving everyone unless there different and how they would just moan about these groups of people. I wanted to highlight it by create Jesus Christ embracing and loving his fellow man followed by a quote from the bible.