Label tech

This project was created under the supervision of Brandcentral and with illustrations done by Steve Doogan

This project was a direct mail promotional piece for Label Tech a label printing specialists. The aim of this project was to send out the DM box to their current clients and any potential clients. To impress them with a memorial and impressive demonstration of their work. So by creating a custom brew beer that was complemented with a set of  sticker tattoos that were inspired by the "Sailor Jerry" style of tattooing. 

My job within this project was to help create a visual style by researching  visuals that would demonstrate the wide range of printing techniques that are available at Label Tech. Choosing a loose approachable hipster tattoos visuals allowed for selections of illustrations to be created by illustrator Steve Doogan which would have their own specialist print method used on it. The visual was also relevant to the market who it was aimed at business owners within the creative markets.